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  • BrandPost: A matter of trust: How we can learn to trust in data and hone our relationships with machines October 20, 2021
    Trust is ubiquitous, but the understanding, building, and retaining of trust has become a key challenge of our time, with the trust narrative evolving across a dynamic duality. On one hand, concerns around data privacy, security, and the ethical development of artificial intelligence (AI) abound; on the other, the “art of the possible” has been […]
  • BrandPost: Lay a data pipeline: Exposing the gaps in today’s business intelligence market October 20, 2021
    The desire to analyze data that will drive insights and competitive differentiation is older than computing itself. Digitization just speeded things up. Richard Miller Devens used the term “business intelligence” as far back as 1865. The LEO computer was calculating optimal inventory deliveries based on shop performance and generating management reports for the Lyons’ tea […]
  • BrandPost: Data deluge: Navigating uncertainty via informed action October 20, 2021
    The current business environment is plagued by palpable and overwhelming uncertainty. Just think of the breadth of challenges leaders must face on a regular basis: Is the pandemic going to irreversibly alter the competitive landscape? How might climate change affect our customer base, supply chain, or operational capabilities? Could a poorly funded start-up rapidly leapfrog […]
  • BrandPost: Decision-Making at the Speed of Business Means Better Data Onboarding October 20, 2021
    The pressing need for real-time data pushed businesses to accelerate and expand their investments in data and data management solutions during 2020. While much of the industry focus is rightfully on new advancements in predictive analytics that are driving business value, it is becoming increasingly clear that architecture and data teams are working equally hard […]
  • BrandPost: The Keys to Unlocking the Benefits of a Modern Data Analytics Platform October 20, 2021
    Many organizations are working to become more data-driven – increasing data use and leveraging data insights to improve decision-making, solve their most challenging problems and improve revenue and profitability. A February 2020 IDC survey showed a direct correlation between quality decision-making and strong data-to-insight capabilities; 57 percent of organizations with the best data analytics pipelines received the highest decision-making […]
  • BrandPost: Beyond Video Surveillance Toward Digital Retail Intelligence October 20, 2021
    Retail is an industry that strongly benefits from video surveillance, but historically adoption has lagged behind the market average due to price sensitivity. Thin margins limit adoption, especially since a new surveillance system has usually required a large capital investment.But newer, cloud-based video surveillance solutions move the cost to a recurring operating expense, making them […]
  • BrandPost: Organizations Must Take Decisive Actions After a Ransomware Attack October 20, 2021
    Recent ransomware attacks and the release of the new cybersecurity Executive Order from the Biden Administration foreshadow increased scrutiny for companies managing critical infrastructure and personal data.Attacks like the one suffered by Colonial Pipeline bring profound real-world implications: millions of people without services, millions lost in revenue, reputations tarnished, general societal chaos and dysfunction, and […]
  • BrandPost: The Lowdown on Low-Code October 20, 2021
    The citizen developer trend that gained steam in 2020 shows no signs of slowing down.As IT leaders seek new ways to gain a competitive advantage through digital automation, it makes sense to empower non-IT employees to create applications that solve their day-to-day challenges. By giving people access to an IT-approved, low-code platform, you free up […]
  • At Ingram Micro, digital change starts with the customer journey October 20, 2021
    Last June, Sanjib Sahoo became EVP and chief digital officer at Ingram Micro Inc., where he is responsible for accelerating at scale the development of innovative, world-class digital experiences that will create competitive advantage and differentiation for the business and the global technology ecosystem. This includes modernizing the IT architecture, consumption models, and customer experience […]
  • 7 secrets of successful vendor negotiation October 20, 2021
    Like it or not, vendor negotiation is a skill every CIO must perfect to become a successful business executive. Yet, for many IT leaders, reaching a deal that’s both favorable and mutually equitable can be a tall order.Fortunately, expert negotiators have developed an array of tactics — many not widely familiar to CIOs — to […]